Class 9th Social Science



Content : Offline Courses covering animations, Chapter wise Quizzes and Chapter wise NCERT solutions.

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Product Description: The myEdulearn offers structured digitized content material for CBSE grade 9 Social Science. The entire course material is segmented into 4 to 8 Modules. The study material includes 2D/3D animation and live videos, chapter wise quiz for evaluation along with NCERT fully solved papers and NCERT books. Students can access all the chapters and topics from the beginning, which helps them to prepare much in advance and be ahead of the class always. The study material is comprehensive and works out to be sufficient for students to learn, understand, revise and practice.

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With the purchase of this package, you will get Animated /Video lessons, Quizzes and NCERT book solutions of all the chapters for all the subjects.

For more information, refer to the detailed syllabus below for year 2017-2018.

  • Syllabus 2017-2018
    01 India – Size and Location
    02 Physical Feature of India
    03 Drainage
    04 Climate
    05 Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
    06 Population

  • Syllabus 2017-2018
    01 Democracy in the Contemporary World
    02 What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
    03 Constitutional Design
    04 Electoral Politics
    05 Working of Institutions
    06 Democratic Rights

  • Syllabus 2017-2018
    01 The French Revolution
    02 Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
    03 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
    04 Forest Society and Colonialism
    05 Pastoralists in the Modern World
    06 Peasants and Farmers
    07 History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
    08 Clothing: A Social History


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